Finding Grace When You Are the Family Glue

finding grace as the family glue

Today, I’m sharing another post I wrote for the Young Wives Club. Maybe you’ve felt this tension before, maybe you didn’t know what to label it, or maybe you are just barely hanging on in the midst of managing your home. Whatever it is, be blessed today – God’s grace is full of strength and goodness to walk you through this season…

It’s 2 a.m. You find yourself getting out of bed yet again to calm a sick child. She seems to need you every hour tonight. And after a long day of fevers, explaining to her how to blow her nose every 5 minutes, and trying to keep her hydrated, you were really looking forward to these precious nighttime hours to rest. But, it seems that isn’t the plan tonight. You look over at your sleeping husband and wish he would volunteer to sub in for a turn with your sick child, but you feel like you shouldn’t wake him because he has a very early alarm clock set to prepare for a long day of exhausting work. So you leave him be.

And it’s in these moments, when you wish you had a replacement – someone on call when you just needed a few hours break from the needs – that you realize being the family glue is rough. It is exhausting. It is emotionally depleting. It is too much weight for one woman to carry. You seem to be the one holding it all together – between your husband, the kids, the house, the schedule, the food. Your proper titles are wife and mother. But your true role includes doctor, life coach, referee, teacher, chef, supply buyer, chauffeur, volunteer, maid, handyman, spiritual encourager, and within all of these- the family glue. You are the reason things happen (relatively) smoothly day in and day out.

How do you find the strength to do it? And to do it without resentment, frustration, or fear?

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