How well do you know God? & Why this truly matters most.

This past week was one of the most uplifting weeks I’ve experienced in a while. My husband and I chose to take our time together (aka evenings after all the kiddos were in bed) to spend in intentional reflection, study, and prayer. We recently moved and have been without a working television… and rather than rectify the situation with a new antenna, we wanted to use these evenings -sans distraction – to seek God together in His word and prayer. And let me tell you, friend, God opened my eyes to a few things. Which is exactly what I prayed for!

You see, my husband told me that he wanted us to spend this week seeking to know God better. I was thrilled to have this one-on-one time with my other half, and assumed that God would reveal something to us. I didn’t realize that this something would be our new everything – our new motto/ purpose/ mission as a couple and family. God showed me what He had already begun showing my husband – that all that we need in this life is to know Him. Period. Just know God. This sounds incredibly basic and simple, doesn’t it? (And really, it is.) But before you write this off as another blog post that is too basic and “surface-y”, let me tell you that I am diving into the depths with Christ here. Want to take a deep breath and dive down with me? Let’s do it…

do I want to know god?

This was the first question I had to wrestle with this past week. Do I really want to know Him? Not just know about Him. Not just know about my place in Him. (All important things, by the way.) But do I want to just know Him? The deep, personal, intimate, and unique way that I get to know my spouse?

If my answer is yes, then this means that my time with Him cannot be filled with only searching for answers to questions about my plans, my goals, my wants and needs. It means that I am to fill that time with searching out Him. Who He is.

It also means that as I get to know God better, there may be a few surprises along the way. Most of my view of God has developed out of my cultural worldview – the things I was taught in church, the slogans that I read all over our nation’s history, even the way I was taught in Bible college. These are all great things, but it is about time that I begin actively seeking to know Him on my own; not just what others have told me about Him. (Just as I don’t rely on others to tell me who my husband is. I work diligently to know him for myself. See what I mean?)

How do I actively get to know god?

To begin with, I need to ask God to show me who He is! Kind of an obvious thought, and yet oftentimes I put the responsibility entirely on myself to figure it out. He wants me to ask Him for it. Let Him do the revealing. Let Him draw me close. Let Him open my eyes to the true God, the Father of grace.

And it obviously follows, then, that I will need to be in the word of God. Reading truth to dwell on all throughout my day.

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing…

Colossians 3:16

Jesus Christ sets the ultimate example for us (in everything) by seeking to know the Father. Even while He was still fully God, He also became fully man (one of the most amazing and incomprehensible truths of all time). It was in His humanity that we see Jesus actively pursuing that intimacy with His Father. Jesus Christ took time with God. He set apart space for prayer, for receiving God’s words, and for refreshment in His Spirit. He knew God. And so can we… if we want to.

what does this really change in my life?

You may be wondering at this point, just as I was, what will this actually affect in my everyday moments? What makes this so important that it has become my family’s focus?

Well, quite simply, this changes my entire perspective on life. In all of the gritty, sweaty, non-Instagram-able moments, I choose to focus on just knowing Him better. Not worrying about all of the “stuff” that often fills my mind. I can banish the “what if’s”, the “if only’s”, and all the “maybe’s”. All of the unsettled things happening in my little world right now – I can let them just play out because my heart and mind today will already be occupied with getting to know my great God. And no matter how each of those things play out, whatever the end result, I choose the rest that grace offers me. I choose the peace that passes all understanding. I choose to occupy myself with my Father.

still not convinced this is a big deal?

If you’re still thinking, “Ok, really… WHAT is the big deal with this?” Well, let me point you to one final passage of scripture that reemphasizes the importance of what I’ve shared with you.

More than that, I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them but rubbish so that I may gain Christ.

Philippians 3:8

The apostle Paul is one of our greatest examples of a man living in God’s grace and walking in faith. In the verses leading up to the one above, he has just described all of his worldly credentials that could be a cause for pride or boasting. And yet, he sums all of that up to say that it is worth nothing to him compared to knowing Christ Jesus. He didn’t say, “serving Christ” or “receiving blessings from Christ.” He says, “knowing Christ.” That’s the most valuable treasure we have. The opportunity to know Him. It was for this purpose that we were created.

So, how about it? Want to join me? Do you want to know God better? Ask Him for that today! I am. And be confident that He’ll give you what you ask (John 14:14). And just wait and see how this will change your view of everything else going on in your life right now. Are you excited? I am! And I’m excited to hear how God works in you, sister! So please come back and tell me, ok? Or shoot me and email and let me know how I can be praying for you. Let’s get to know God on a whole new level today and give Him all our praise!


  1. So SO good! And so true. Really getting to know God in a deeply intimate way changes everything about this life. Have you read Not A Fan by Kyle Idle man? That book changed my perspective on a lot of things!!

  2. What a great reminder on where our focus should be on throughout life. I love the emphasis you put on just simply knowing God, which I guess was the entire blog post really. 😉

  3. A. SPENCER,I am a disillusioned Jehovah Witness,could you please help me,where in the bible can I read about Jesus and God are one,I have been taught they are two different people

    1. Marlene, thank you for your question. I will first say that I can openly admit that I do not fully understand the glorious mystery of God’s singular personage in 3 forms, but I wholeheartedly believe that He is who He said He is. In John 10, Jesus is defending His deity before the Jews. In verse 30, He plainly states that He is one with the Father; and again in verse 38, He makes reference to their being One. Again in John 15, Jesus explains to Philip that He is one with the Father (“I am in the Father..”). I hope you’ll take time to read these sections of Scripture & ask God to show you Himself in this. I have applied my ‘childlike’ faith in this area, as I am confident that my human mind cannot fully grasp the Trinity entirely… and I am ok with that. 🙂 God bless you!

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