Grace for those moments of hopelessness

It felt hopeless. It seemed as if this dream, this prayer of mine, was just never going to come to fruition. And what was the point of praying faithfully about this if it was never going to happen, and my feelings of hopelessness were just going to continue? What do you do when you finally reach that point? That point where there is just nothing left to say, do, or feel… except hopeless.

This was my state the other day. As I sat in the car, driving home from a lovely Thanksgiving holiday spent with family, I felt that empty feeling. This emotion brought tear after tear to my eye. (Not the feelings you expect after a week of laughter and making memories.) Staring out into the barren, wintery fields off of the highway, my mind seemed to match those dark, empty trees. Cold. Ugly. Hopeless.

The lie of hopelessness

And yet, even as I sat there – miserable – I knew this wasn’t real. This feeling of hopelessness wasn’t true. It wasn’t an accurate picture of my heart. It wasn’t an accurate picture of the work of my God. And I knew it. I was letting myself believe a lie – the lie of hopelessness. I was choosing to allow these thoughts to rob me of the truth. They seemed so very real. They had very good arguments. No matter how I looked at my situation, my daily prayer to my Father, it always had the same ending. No answer. So what was I to do, except feel hopeless?

Even though I felt that God was answering me with crickets, His grace was not.

the truth of grace

But the truth was never very far away. It never is when you have the life of Christ living in you. The truth of grace, which has been firmly planted in my soul, did not stay silent. Even though I felt that God was answering me with crickets, His grace was not. His Spirit continued to fill my heart with love, joy and peace. The songs that streamed out of my radio sang to me of Truth.

And I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt who I am. Who Christ is in me. And in what He has asked me to do today. Just keep walking with Him. Just keep letting the power of Christ guide my mind every moment of the day. It really isn’t complicated. And I knew it. That was the Truth. Hopelessness was a lie.

choose the truth, even when you want to believe the lie

Today, as I begin my day, I have a choice. The truth or the lie. It’s up to me how I set my mind. My situation hasn’t changed since my ride in the car this past weekend. I am still without the one big thing I am asking God for. And I still cannot see how it will work out. The equation just doesn’t add up. But I know the Truth. And I know that God doesn’t need an equation to work out His math. He can do whatever He wants. (Sometimes I’m very thankful that He didn’t give me an analytical mind – it makes accepting moments like these a bit easier, I believe.)

Today, I’m going to choose the Truth. I’m going to set my mind on grace. And I am going to continue to pray for this request of mine. Not from a state of hopelessness, but from one of victory.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. 

Philippians 4:6-7 NASB

So how about you?

What situation are you faced with today that feels hopeless? What are you waiting for God to do in your life that just hasn’t happened nearly fast enough for you? Are you willing to believe the TRUTH over the LIE? Focus on the verses above today (some of my favorites!!) as you walk away from hopelessness- toward grace.


  1. Hi Amanda! I’m thanking God for grace in moments of hopelessness too. I often experience it coming in like a tide clearing the debris of fear and doubt. Thanks for sharing your heart and this encouragement.

  2. Great post! Yes! Sometimes we have to talk to our Spirit man and declare God’s truth because truth shatters the lie!!

    Keep encouraging and share it! So many need to hear this word!

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