About Me

Hey!  I’m Amanda.  A recovering “good girl”.  I grew up in an awesome Christian home, with parents who taught me all about Jesus & kept me in the church building as much as possible.  I loved my childhood, but it also left me believing that all my “goodness” was improving the way God looked at me – and earning me lots of extra blessings in Heaven.  I was pretty self-dependent and proudly let everyone know that Jesus was my co-pilot.  Then in my early adult years, God started to shake up my view of Him & myself.  He started to show me what grace is really all about. And it’s a message that I CANNOT keep to myself – it’s just too good! So that’s why I created this place, Dwelling On Grace, to share my story, and to have a virtual “cup of coffee” with you while we dwell on His goodness!

He started to show me what grace is really all about.

Why A Blog?

After my husband and I left the mission field, I felt a bit lost – not sure what my place was in this world any longer. I knew we had altered our direction because God had clearly told us to, but sometimes, that still leaves giant question marks that are yet unanswered.  What should I do with myself, while I stay home to raise my young babies?

It is a new way of life… a new perspective on the life I was always meant to live!

God had been doing some amazing things in my life, taking me to greater depths of understanding of His love and grace. It truly goes beyond a message – it is a new way of life; a new perspective on the life I was always meant to live! The life of Jesus Christ, which is mine. But how could I possibly get this message out from my plastic toy-covered living room? And then I felt the Spirit’s prompting me to write it down. Not only for myself, but for others to read and learn alongside me.

This blog has become a beautiful part of my day – a way to share with you what the Holy Spirit has been teaching my heart. A way to share grace with women who are desperately treasured by the One who purchased them – women I will probably never meet this side of Heaven. But oh, sisters, wait until we all get to sit down together in worship of our Loving Father! Can you just imagine how awesome that will be? 

For now, grab yourself a steaming (or iced, whatever suits ya) cup of your favorite joe & let’s bask “together” in the beauty of our Savior as we dwell on His grace.

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